Cruces Futbol Club

Cruces Fútbol Club


Mission Statement:

Cruces Futbol Club mission as a club is to develop, train, enrich, and enhance the skill levels of its soccer players and coaches. This can be accomplished by following these simple guidelines:

    • Coaches and players having fun coaching and playing the game
    • All players feel like an important part of the team regardless of skill level
    • The teaching and learning of “life lessons” that provide value beyond the playing field
    • The teaching and learning of skills, tactics, and strategies of the game with a focus on player development / improvement
    • Coaches will lead by example when it comes to how they represent the Club, Team, and themselves on and off the field
    • Players will practice respect and sportsmanship at all times on and off the field

~ Let's always remember that the game is for the kids ~