General Meeting Report-1/9/2014

Post date: Jan 14, 2014 5:09:46 PM

Hello Coaches,

I want to send a thanks to all of you who made our last meeting. With these busy times, I am glad to see any numbers we can get. I am sending this email to inform everyone on what was covered in the meeting to keep all our members up to date.

  1. I was hoping we could get as many coaches as possible to this last meeting so each coach could discuss the status of their team and find out if any teams were looking for players or which teams may not be coming back. Please reach out to me and let me know.
  2. The Shield. The new season calls and as a Club, we have all agreed that our colors are eventually going to be Grey, Black, and White. We have discussed that as we grow out of our current uniforms that we would start to unify our colors. Another discussion we had was the Shield for our Club. We would like to have each team have the Shield. Fred ordered 500 shields that are available for Club use at a very minimal cost. Please contact him at We are just looking for consistency, so we create a brand that will be known and recognized. *Fred is also looking into uniforms and will hopefully be providing us all with a Club Code that we can all use to order our uniforms at a discount*
  3. The Club is planning another Club day before the season begins. It will only be successful if we all pitch in our time and resources like our last one. The date is not 100 percent official, but we are looking at the end of February.
  4. The Club is also looking into many different fund raising options and will keep you posted on our progress. I would like to generate monies so we could have scholarships for players in need or have it generated to help with anything that may come up for the Club. Ideas were Kettle Corn Sales, Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast, Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser, and finally maybe to host the next Las Cruces 3v3 tourney. We will keep you posted.

Please continue to keep yourselves informed by reaching out to any of us, or checking out our website along with our face book page.

** Next meeting will be the last Thursday in January ** Please make arrangement now so we can have a strong attendance.

Thanks again