General Meeting Planned

Post date: Jun 25, 2015 5:42:32 PM


In hope everyone is enjoying their summer break. I am reaching out to everyone to ask a couple questions and inform everyone of some Club tidbits.

1. Any teams out there in need of players? I get few requests at this time sent to me in regards to players looking for a team. Please let me know if you are. I am composing a list.

2. Checking to see if everyone is coming back to CFC next season and

if anyone may have recruited other teams to join?

Our next Club meeting will be July 6th. It would be nice to have a full house

(1 Coach or Parent from every team) with thoughts and ideas for betterment of the Club.

Next meeting we will need nominations for a new Vice President. Unfortunately, Daniel Lopez had to hang up his shoes. I want to send out a Sincere Thank You to him. He played a very strong instrumental role in helping form this Club and getting it where it is today.

Thanks also to everyone for all that you do and I will talk to you soon.

Jorge Fugueroa

CFC President