LCYSL Requests CFC Help For Family Fun Day

Post date: Apr 28, 2014 4:16:53 PM

Hello Coaches,

I am reaching out to all of you regarding the Family Fun Day that is coming up for the LCYSL. It is not just open to teams U8 and under but to all teams. I met with the one man show who is coordinating it and aside from the league funding for some of it, he has had no real support. I feel that this would be a great opportunity to get our Club recognized not only here in Las Cruces, but with more U8 and under teams. Currently we are the only Club participating in this event.

Mr. Hughes has

1.Contacted food vendors to come out

2.Stevies Jumpy Balloons providing 18 different jumpy balloons


4.Raised 2000 in addition to what the league gave him

What he has asked from us is MANPOWER. Event is from 12 to 5

1.Monitoring a jumpy balloon

2.We have committed to running the Soccer Skills side:

Small sided games

Juggling contest

Dribbling contest

Penalty shot contest

3.We could also use any donations or connections your parents might have to help assist with

prize items. (water bottles, Shirts, soccer balls, etc.)

If your team wants to do a fund raiser at this event, he will also allow it, but lets not let this take away from the help we need to run this.

Please send me your ideas. Looking to have a meeting Thursday to discuss more in detail.